Hi! I am the girl behind Baking Coe. Bakery. The name "coe" is my middle name. My great, great grandfather was named William Coe Harris and it was passed down from generation to generation. All the way to me.

It has been my dream to start my own bakery. I am originally from Bloomington, IL or as I like to call it, corn country. I currently live in West Palm Beach, FL and love my city. I have never felt so connected to a city before and my community plays a major role in that. Growing up, I loved being in the kitchen. I have two grandmothers and a mama who are pretty darn-good bakers and they are where the love of baking began.

Mammaw grew up in Missouri. She makes thee best pies your taste buds will ever encounter. It's the crust. Mammaw took her time and made sure whatever it was she was baking was baked right.

Tip from Mammaw: know the balance between patience and perfect timing

Grandma was the pinnacle of grandma's when it came to good ole' southern cooking. She was the lady at church that always baked the best biscuits for fellowship lunch on Sundays.

Tip from Grandma: you can never have too much butter.

Mama is cookie magic. She can bake the best peanut butter chocolate chip cookie in her sleep, which also inherited the name Brenna's mom's cookies from all my friends. She didn't need to follow recipes, she just knows.

Tip from Mama: you take out the cookies just before they are done and they continue baking on the pan.

These three women have taught me almost everything I know. It is a privilege to have learned from their skills and inherit their love of baking.