always make fresh whip

maple whipped cream //

8 oz heavy cream

2 tbsp maple syrup

whip it good.

hi, I'm brenna

and this is a blog about stories. i kept thinking about what the purpose behind this blog should be, and i thought of stories. i almost felt like it had to be something about food or recipes, but there's plenty of those out there and i can do whatever i want, so i chose stories. 

I go to a story group once a week.

basically i get together with some of the coolest chicks i know and someone volunteers to share a story from their life. it can be happy, sad, old, recent, unresolved, or short and sweet. no rules and no barriers. in order to create safe space where one can feel vulnerable and known we have some rules for the listeners: no fixing, what is said stays in the space, and just listen. it makes sense and blows my mind at the same time. women are willing to share intimate parts of their story with me and trust me and risk being vulnerable with me. it is both a honor and a true delight to hear the stories of these women.

so, a story about me: i went to a friendsgiving on saturday night. the air was cool without too much of a breeze a.k.a. perfect weather for dining outside. i put a salted-butter apple galette in the oven and got up a couple times to go inside and turn it as it was bubbling away to golden perfection. the timer on my phone went off a final time and as i was walking in to take it out of the oven, my face slammed right onto the sliding glass door! mhm like a champ. thankfully there wasn't any blood or no broken bones, just a beet red face from laughing so hard and ya know, running into a sliding glass door. 

all in all the night could not have gone any better. my face was okay, the galette was perfect & topped with some fresh maple whip.

guys, always make fresh whip.
 photo by:  @softpoem

photo by: @softpoem

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