blackberry + sage scone

Kinda laughing at myself writing this right now... 

I was definitely the person that would read blogs, but always told myself nope, never ever will I write my own blog. Now here I am *eyeroll*...

blackberry + sage scone.jpeg

sweet & savory 

For Labor Day weekend I decided to visit my sister and brother in law in Nashville. The second day I was there I heard about a hurricane, the size of Florida, head its way toward the United States. It didn't make much sense for me to go back only to get evacuated, so I stayed. 

I literally felt like I was on Christmas vacation. My brother in law was even working on a Christmas tune. 

I guess I should do some sort of introduction...i'll do a more detailed one later, but for now I'll just say that I really like baking, I want to know more. I want space to create more and share more. I was talking to my friend the other day and she couldn't stop bringing up how talented our friends are and I would not be where I am today without those talented friends. 

So...back to the purpose of this blog.

N E W F L A V O R S + WHATNOTs. --> (title/concept still in the works)

Blackberry + Sage scones are here!! This is a flavor that I have been wanting to try. I kept trying to think of new & different sweet and savory combinations and this one came to mind! Blackberries aren't overly sweet and the sage adds a subtle earthy & herby flavor. I hope you like it. Up next is Earl Grey + Lavender...stay tuned.



Brenna Coe